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Summer School on Parliaments


The Summer School takes place from July 23rd through August 2nd 2019. Participants are required to arrive in Lisbon on July 22th and depart on, or after, August 3rd 2019. 


On top of the academic program, participants will have several social activities as well as the opportunity to visit the Portuguese national legislature.


Morning Sessions


In the morning session, a leading scholar of legislative studies will conduct a 2-hours seminar-style lecture. Each scholar will offer a cursory overview of the topic. Participants are expected to make readings in advance and be ready to offer comments during the session. A Q&A period ensues, during which participants will have the opportunity to question and debate with the lecture about the topic.

Afternoon Sessions


In the afternoon session, two-three participants will have an opportunity to present their ongoing research and receive feedback from the instructor and fellow participants. Each presentation should be take 15 minutes, to which a 45 minutes discussion ensues.  Participants will be able to signal their preferred day/lecturer to present (subject to availability). 

Students Participation

Afternoon sessions

Participants are required to submit a 7000-8000-word paper/thesis chapter/project by early July. In doing so, this will give sufficient time for lecturers and participants to read the materials.

Participants are expected to read all required materials (usually 2-3 papers per session) in advance.

Participants must attend all sessions and critically discuss the paper presentations of fellow students.




  • Day 1 – 23/7 (Tuesday)

    • Kenneth Shepsle (Harvard University) - Legislative Organization

  • Day 2- 24/7 (Wednesday)

    • Diana O’Brien (Texas A&M) – Representation in the 21stCentury

  • Day 3 – 25/7 (Thursday)

    • George Tsebelis (University of Michigan) – Formal Models in Legislative Studies

  • Day 4 – 26/7 (Friday)

    • Kaare Strøm (UC San Diego) – Delegation Theories and Parliamentary Democracy

  • Day 5 – 29/7 (Monday)

    • Shane Martin (University of Essex) – Electoral Systems and Legislative Organization

  • Day 6 – 30/7 (Tuesday)

    • Jonathan Slapin (University of Essex) – Speechmaking in Legislatures and Text Analysis

  • Day 7 – 31/7 (Wednesday)

    • Amie Kreppel (University of Florida) – European Parliament: Organization and Functions

  • Day 8 – 1/8 (Thursday)

    • Thomas Saalfeld (University of Bamberg) – Parties and Legislators

    • Ulrich Sieberer (University of Bamberg) – Party Discipline and Cohesion in Legislatures

  • Day 9 – 2/8 (Friday)

    • D.J. Flynn (IE University, Madrid) – Experimental Research in Legislative Studies

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